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BPO Ystad Climate Declaration signed at the Baltic Ports Conference 2023

The Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) Ystad Climate Declaration has been signed today by the Members of the Organization, gathered for the General Assembly during the second day of the Baltic Ports Conference 2023 (BPC) in Ystad, Sweden.

With the European Green Deal, and the adoption of various associated initiatives, such as the Fit for 55 package, the European Commission (EC) set the course towards a climate neutral European Union. The push towards the greening of maritime transport, both in Europe and on a global scale, further underscored by the recent approval of IMO’s GHG Strategy, is one of the defining factors shaping the future of the maritime transport sector.

Recognizing the essential part ports need to play in order to achieve the climate goals placed before the maritime community, Members of the BPO declared their readiness to put forth the best effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from port activities, inspire environmental consciousness and cooperate with business partners and a wide range of stakeholders in order to protect our climate.

The BPO Ystad Climate Declaration supports the plan formulated by the EC. At the same time the signees would like to emphasize the need for a practical and rational approach, combined with transparent dialogue between the maritime industry and the policymakers as key for making a carbon neutral Europe a reality. The goals must be achievable, with clearly outlined targets and the required financial and legislative support must be provided.

You can access the full document under this link: http://www.bpoports.com/BPC/BPO_Ystad_Climate_Declaration_main_300%5b56930%5d.pdf

Next edition of the Baltic Ports Conference will take us to Klaipeda, where we will meet in September 2024.


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